5 best Compound movements for muscle mass

If you are a beginner you should know that if you do things right in your first few weeks of training you can skyrocket your gains.

This implies that you follow a good nutritional plan and eat the right amount of calories.Not only that but you want to meet your macronutrient percentages and consume enough protein, carbs and healthy fats to allow you body to recover from the weight training.

Now, if you have that settled, you must know that you can make a remarcable progress as a beginner in the gym by using the right exercises and with the correct form.
What i am talking about is of course compound movements.

Why do compound exercises build more muscle than isolation exercises?

Things are pretty simple here, if you want to build mass and strength as a newbie in the gym you have to train large areas of muscle all at once.This is what compound movements are all about.
By avoiding isolation exercises for a while, like doing curls for biceps or training your calves you will spend your time more efficiently and you will see faster results both in mass and strength.

I am not saying you should avoid isolation exercises forever.These are super necessary if you want to build a proportionate physique later on, but for now you need to focus on some fast progress that will give you courage to keep consistent with your workouts in the future.

Compound exercises not only train more muscle at the same time they also strengthen you stabilization muscles.So if you are all shaky when lifting weights you will see a huge improvement as time goes by and if you are training well.

Another benefit of working out with compound movements at first is that your body will release a much bigger amount of testosterone during the training and help with the anabolic effect.
That means muscle growth will get much faster and you will be able to lift more weight.

The only 5 compound movements you need to maximize your muscle gains

1.Bench press

This is probably the most popular exercise in the world and it targets not only your chest but your shoulders and triceps too.

Those three muscle groups are probably the most noticeable areas on your body that will reveal if you actually lift or not.So make sure to bench press regularly.

As with all exercises it is really important to do the full range of motion and keep your chest up while pushing the weight to make sure you don’t overload your shoulders. Never try to lift too heavy without a spotter because you might get injured really bad, and those who go to Snap City have a one way ticket.

2.Dead lift

This is on of the top exercises for building mass in the  entire world, so make sure you do it right.
That means you need to have a proper form! Never try to go heavy with the dead lift if you haven’t mastered the movement pattern because it can brake some things inside you that you may have never even heard of.If you want to keep yourself as safe as possible please use a lifting belt.

In the beginning try to practice with an empty or lightweight bar so you can make sure your back remains straight during the entire time and you can repeat the pattern of movement without too much thinking.

squatting compound exercise for mass

As familiar as this exercise might seem you should know that this time it implies some heavy ass weight and you have to make sure you go as deep as you can.
Most of the people out there skip leg days because they consider legs not to be as important  as the upper body.And they are right! Leg day is much more important  than the upper body!

That is because while you train your legs, you release crazy amounts of testosterone so you indirectly help your upper body grow too. So this just became a mutual relationship, squat for the legs  to build a bigger biceps!

Remember that legs, as well as the abs are resistance muscle groups and they need a higher number of repetitions per set to really work out well. That is also important because when squatting it is much safer to go a little bit lighter and do somewhere in between 10 and 15 reps than doing like 4 squats with a huge weight that can crack your spine.

So make sure you keep your back straight, go as low as you can( ass to grass) and if you feel like it you can use a  belt for additional safety.

4.Pull ups

These exercises are perfect for building that wide back that forms an amazing v shaped figure. So don’t ever forget to use it in your back training because it will make you big.

This exercise might be pretty hard to do for starters so i suggest you get someone to help you at first and push you from your back and then as time goes by you can even add more weight.


Last, but not least the dips are perfectly suited to complete both your chest and your triceps training all in one.By working from another angle you train your chest a little differently than you were on the bench press while also targeting a different part of your triceps.

Again, for more advanced training you can do weighted dips and train as heavy as you can as this is a much safer exercise.


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