What you need to know about calories and how many to consume a day

Depending on what your goal is you have to adjust your daily caloric intake accordingly.This is the best way to kep your weight in check or make any improvements whatsoever.

The thing that most people don’t know is that where you get your calories from is really important too.

What is a calorie after all?

A calorie is nothing more than a measure for energy and a unit that refers to  how much energy we take in from drinking and eating and how much energy we burn out while exercising.
This means we need a certain amount of calories to function properly and be able to perform in our daily activities.

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There are 2 main divisions:

  • a large calorie( Cal or kcal) wich is the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water by one degree Celsius
  • a small calorie (cal) or the amount of energy that you need for heating a gram of water by one degree Celsius

The one who is used most in nutrition  is the large calorie(Kcal).For example a 70 kg(154 lbs) male needs about 2800 calories a day to be able to maintain his weight.

Are calories created equal?

There is no doubt that when speaking about calories they are all the same whether they come from some unhealthy fries or broccoli.But that is not how you should treat food.

Always remember that when you are eating junk food you fill your body with empty calories that have no essential micro-nutrients like vitamins and minerals so as a result  in time your body will start to malfunction.
Not only this, but this unhealthy food that we are speaking of(processed foods) are filled with preservatives and other substances bad for your health.

How many calories do i need to consume per day

If you pay attention you may have noticed that i reefer to consuming and not eating calories because you can also drink them!

Alcohol has loads of empty calories right along with unhealthy sodas which contain lots of sugar in them, so you may  want to avoid these as much as you can.

The optimum daily caloric consumption for an individual depends on many variables and especially on his goals.

First find out your BMI

BMI stands for Body Mass Index and reefers to the number of calories you require in a day to maintain your weight.This is putting into account all your daily activities and is not so accurate.
However, this is the first step before finding out what you need to do to reach your goals.

You can use this BMI CALCULATOR to check how many calories you need to consume in a day depending on your activity level too.

Caloric consumption guide for  people who want to loose weight

If you want to loose weight i assume you mainly want to get rid of fat. And that is a good thing because excessive fat can start a chain reaction in your organism that may lead to illness.

The principle is simple: you either consume less calories than the BMI you calculated above or stay at that amount but exercise to burn more calories.

The best form of exercise for this is cardio training that implies running, swimming or any other activity that raises heartbeat so that you burn more energy through heat.

One good guidance formula for weight loss is the next one:

(Your BMI) – ( 300 to 500 Kcal ) – ( the calories you consumed from exercise)  =  Weight loss

So, for example, if i have a BMI of 2700 Kcal  and i want to loose weight i would decrese my total amount consumed each day by 300 or more. That means i need to shoot for about 2300 Kcal a day.

Caloric consumption for people who want to gain weight or build muscle

In case you want to get lean muscle mass or just want a few more pounds on you have to do the opposite of what i have teached before.You can find a more complete plan for action on our website if you are a skinny guy who wants to build muscle.

Remember to be mindful of the energy expenditure when working out.
The formula in this case is  pretty much like this:

(Your BMI) + ( 400 to 500 Kcal ) – ( the calories you consumed from exercise)  =  Weight gain

These formulas are not fixed and therefore not personalized to your case.You have to experiment with these and remember to check your macronutrients percentages if you want to see results faster.

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