What is human growth hormone -muscle building

Human growth hormone is a hormone naturally produced by our bodies in the pituitary gland that has a very important role when it comes to our body sizes.
It is responsible for cell growth and regeneration, so you could say your muscle mass is influenced in a big way by this internal factor.

Growth hormone also pays an important role when it comes to maintaining optimal health for organs and especially the brain.When this GH is secreted into the blood stream it stays only for a short period of time(a few minutes).Even so, this is enough time for the liver to transform it into growth factors that boost all the anabolic properties of your body and help you grow muscle.

How can i increase Human Growth Hormone naturally?

growth hormoneThere are ways to increase the realease of GH in your body in natural ways.

Those two are propper weight lifting and good sleep.

By weight lifting you will promote the release of  both testosterone and Growth hormone.The more you exercise your muscles and train them hard the more muscle building hormones are secreted.This is especially true when you train big muscle groups or do compound exercises.This will train a much larger area of muscle at once and promote an even greater production of this agent.This is why i recommend squats and compound movements.

A good sleep habit is more than necessary not only for recovering muscle tissue but also really important for GH production and other essential body functions.During the deep sleep phases and especially the first few sleep cycles( one cycle=90min) GH is produced to repair and help grow any affected tissues( in our case muscle).

How much growth hormone do we produce in our bodies?

A normal fully grown adult man produces about 5 nanograms per milliliter of blood. Growth hormone production depends a lot on your age too.For example, pregnant women produce about double the amount of it.We produce most of it in our childhood with the peak at puberty then decreasing during the teenage years and it suddenly drops around the age of 20.

How do i know if my body produces enough or if i have a deficiency?

You can check through a GH test by your doctor and see if your levels are as high as they’re  supposed to. Usually there are no problems in most individuals and if it looks to you like your growth has stunted it may be because of other factors, either genetic or nutrition.

Human Growth Hormone truths and myths

Should you take  hormones? better check on a specialist. This can be very dangerous and super expensive.This is only recommended if you have a serious disfunction.


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