Skinny guy? Learn how to maximize muscle growth

This is a guide for every skinny guy out there that wants huge gains in the first few months of training. Remember that first of all you need to know your body type  and establish if you are really an ectomorph. If you are a skinny fellow  with difficulties in gaining both muscle mass and fat you have arrived at the proper place.

Devise a nutritional plan that will allow you to grow

You need to change your eating habits and change them big time ! There are two ways to approach this nutritional problem of yours. But before we start you need to grasp the fact that until this point in time you were eating less than required for you to grow any muscle mass.I don’t care if you think you are eating like a horse! You need to eat more! As i said there are two ways of eating enough food:

  1. The first one is the more exact route that will help you know exactly how much you need to eat each day to reach your goal.This might seem pretty hard because you will need to measure and calculate your calories and macronutrients every day.
  2. The second route is called bulking and doesn’t require any measuring of your food but most of the times you will not have the same results as by calculating things.This technique implies that you should eat as much as you can to gain as much weight as possible.But this might harm you more because it can make you fat in time and your muscles will not be as defined.Also, the opposite can happen: you might think you eat a lot but in fact you may be much under the needed caloric intake.

nutrition pyramidI strongly recommend the first method which requires you to be more exact and if you choose this one you need to learn how to calculate your daily caloric intake for building muscle and also the macro-nutrient percentages that you need to follow for maximum lean muscle gains.

Best muscle growth weight training for ectomorphs

If you are a newbie(beginner) when it comes to weight training you are really lucky because in the first few months the progress is going to be substantial if you do things right.

What’s the secret  training, you ask?Do compound movements!

If you are just starting to go to the gym and want to build lot of mass as fast as possible you need to engage in training with compound movements.These exercises uses more muscle groups at the same time and this way you will engage in natural complete movements that will train your stabilization muscles too and will make you stronger faster. Even so, the most important advantage when training only using compound movements is that your body will produce a lot more testosterone than when doing isolation movements.This is really helpful, especially as a skinny guy because the increse in testosterone doing and after your workout will greatly increase your muscular growth and keep you from getting fat in case of over eating.

Train your legs for a bigger upper body

As i said before you need to train with compound movement for huge mass gains.But what is the best muscle building exercise? Squatting!

squatting compound exercise for mass Yes, if you will squat with some weight in your back your body will release enough testosterone to even help your upper body grow. That is mainly because the legs are the biggest muscle group and when you train them hard with squats and lunges amazing results will be seen not only in that area but in the other parts of your body too.

Increase the weight periodically

If you are continue to lift but don’t change anything about your training your muscles are going to get used to that tension and will never make any improvement. That means you will want to either change the number of repetitions you do per set with the same weight as before or increase the total weight you are doing an exercise. My recommendation is that you should do between 8 and 12 repetitions every set and increase the weight with a few kilograms every 2 weeks, but that depends on you mostly.Remember that the only bad workouts are the ones you didn’t do, so don’t go crazy if you couldn’t lift more weight than a few weeks ago, strength and muscle comes with time.

Exercise with correct form

You are supposed to lift as heavy as you can so that your last repetition will be to hard to do without messing your exercise form. Never lift weights so heavy that you can’t maintain the proper form throughout the  exercise.This might lead to permanent damage if you are not careful. You will not be able to target the muscle as good  without a full range of motion and therefore your gains will be inferior to those of someone who lifts lighter but executes with precise form.

As a bonus tip: you should avoid as much as possible cardio exercise because this will make you burn more calories than necessary and will reduce muscle growth.

Don’t forget to sleep and drink lots of water!

watter-fuel-for-musclesWater is like fuel to me!I never enter the gym without a bottle of water and that is what you should do to.Drink lots of water during the day and especially while you are training, in between your sets.This will help cool your body down and with enough water in your system your body can regenerate your muscle and help it grow big.

Most people tend to forget also how important sleep is, not only for your basic mental functions but also to help build and recover that precious muscle of yours. During some of the sleep phases your body produces higher amounts of growth hormone, a really important catalyst that dictates how much your body parts will grow(including muscle).


You should remember that sleep is the period when you actually repair the muscle tissue that you teared in the gym and make it more massive that it was last time.

Always take action and don’t hesitate to go to the gym even if you don’t posses all the knowledge you need. Best way to learn is by trial and mistake!

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