What is your body type? Ectomorph, Endomorph or Mezomorph

If you are reading this you just took a huge step forward in making progress with your fitness goals!

Your own somatotype(body type) dictates how your organism is genetically predisposed to function and what you need to do to reach your ideal phisique.If you want to find where you fit best i recommend you the body type test from bodybuilding.com

There are three main categories, but remember that you can have traits from two of them and so you need to auto-classify yourself somewhere in between.

the three body types

The Ectomoph

If you are having a hard time putting on weight( either fat or muscle) you probably are an ectomorph.

endomorph somatotypeThe main traits of ectomorphs are like it follows:

  • small body structure (delicate figure)
  • typical hardgainer
  • thin with flat chest
  • lean muscle mass
  • small shoulders and waist
  • super fast metabolism

As an ectomorph you will find it really hard to gain weight because of your really fast metabolism.That means you are required to eat huge amounts of calories if you plan to gain any muscle mass.Your advantage is that it is almost impossible for you to gain a lot of fat, and even in that case you are able to get rid of it really fast.That means this type of physique has lean muscle mass with the lowest possible body-fat percentage.Cardio should be a big “no-no” if you are following to gain muscle.

The Mesomorph

This is the stereotype for a good bodybuilding framework and usually the most desired of all the three.

mesomorph somatotype

Next are the main traits for a meso:


  • athletic body
  • strong and stable muscles
  • rectangular shape of the body
  • gains muscle easy
  • looses fat a little bit harder than Ectomorphs

This strong and athletic build responds great to weight training and has the ability to loose fat quite fast, even though not as fast as an ectomorph. That means you should watch how many calories you eat so that you don’t go to far.If you are a beginner mesomorph bodybuilder you will see the quickest results.It is also recommended that you do some cardio exercises now and then to maintain a low bodyfat percentage.

The Endomorph

endomorph somatotypeIf you have a big bulgy body with a tendency to gain fat really fast then you probably are an endomorph.

The most common traits:

  • Round and soft body
  • Muscles not well defined
  • really slow metabolism
  • strong muscle legs

This body type is the one that requires lots of cardio sessions to maintain and a strict diet if you want to keep lean.Muscle gains for this somatotype are similar to mesomorph but a little lower.The physique is not as defined because of its tendency to store energy as bodyfat which makes it necessary to follow a low calorie diet.


All these being said you should know that you are not limited by your body type whatsoever, you just need to work harder if it doesn’t correspond with you goals and you can succeed.

And remember that many of you are not to be categorized in any of these as you may be somewhere in between or have mixed traits.That means you need to personalize your own nutrition and test both how many calories you need and how well you respond to different types of exercises.

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