Bottled water vs tap water- Is bottled or tap H2O healthier?

Because water is essential for sustaining life and has some amazing benefits you ought to drink from the best source possible.

For quite some time now, people shifted from consuming the almost free tap water  to buying bottled water mainly because of the bad health reputation tap water has.

Let me just say that this is a big bogus and you should not believe what that bad advertising tells you anymore.

Why is tap water better than bottled water?

There are many reasons for this, but before we begin, you should know that you must not stress too much over this.So if you are thirsty and only bottled water is available then don’t hesitate to drink it.Water is essential for your body!

In the past it would seem incredibly stupid to pay someone 1000 times more for just some water in a bottle when you could have it almost for free from your own house.But now, because of some very expensive advertising campaigns and false information it seems this has become true.

Bottled water is muuuuuch more expensive than tap water

tap waterAt a price of about 1000 times higher bottled water is absurdly expensive for something of the same quality or even lower.
Imagine buying a 10.000$ sandwich everyday just to find out you could get an even better one for a few bucks.

Selling water at higher prices than gas seems to work because nobody notices or complains.What does the future hold for us? Are we going to buy clean air in a jar when we could just have a walk through the woods and fill ourselves with all the clean air we need?

Which one is the healthier choice?

The trend flip to drinking bottled water was mostly because people needed a “certified” water source that was also portable.

As i mentioned before this is a BIG lie! There have been tests between the quality of  bottled vs local tap water and they came in favor for the tap.People were also given both varieties and chose tap water as the best taste-wise.

If is true that there are places in this world that may contain contaminated water, but that is usually the case for isolated places and private wells that have not been tested and may be placed next to some chemical treated land.If you live in a city and are connected in the water grid you should not be concerned because it is tested.You can request a detailed report on your water quality from time to time just to make sure.

Bottled water on the other hand has a much bigger problem health-wise.
There were reported carcinogens to be present  in some of the bottles made for holding water that could seriously endanger peoples health.

Most bottled water comes packed in polyethylene terephthalate bottles(PET or PETE). These bottles are generally safe but scientists have discovered that when stored in hot environments and even only warm temperatures the plastic can leach chemicals into the water.

So make sure that when buying bottled water you store it in cold places away from any heat or sun exposure.

How to make tap water portable without using plastic bottles

It’s simple, just invest in a stainless steel bottle that will not only be very resistant but also much healthier as there is no danger of contamination.A great option, but not as durable is using glass bottles.

You should avoid using the watercooler in the office as it is made from plastic and usually doesn’t get cleaned at all.

When you don’t have a choice and need to buy bottled water, don’t stress over it but make sure to choose the best. Usually it is recommended to look for brands with look for brands with NSF certification.


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