Coconut oil beauty uses

There are many uses for coconut oil, from cooking with it to using as a treatment for various problems but the most interesting fact is that you can use it as a beauty all in one product.

You should get original and playful with thanks to its huge variety of beneficial proprieties and because it is natural you can’t do any mistakes.Also, don’t forget to check out the health uses of coconut oil.

Coconut oil can be used as a makeup remover

Thanks to its nourishing healthy fats this is the best way to make sure your face gets a great treatment while you remove your makeup. Also, what it makes coconut oil such a good cleaner for makeup is the fact that its composition of fatty acids helps bind with the makeup and then make it easy for you to cleanse it.

Use it to cleanse your face and moisturize both your skin and hair

This is by far the most useful beauty product that i have ever tried and there is no doubt, the most natural. You can use coconut oil for achieving a healthy looking glow in your skin and hair while also make it stronger and more resistant to mechanical and chemical damage.

That means this oil can be used as a sunscreen and protect your entire body from bad ultraviolet light that can cause skin cancer and wrinkles.

A great shaving cream and hair conditioner

You can apply coconut oil as a shaving cream to go smooth on your legs and as a hair conditioner if you want to get rid of that nasty dandruff.

As a bonus tip: if you usually have split dry hair ends you can massage a little coconut oil on them to prevent that and make your hair look amazing and natural.

Use coconut oil for teeth health, bad breath and whitening

The technique that you can use for all these amazing benefits is called Coconut Oil Pulling  and it helps your dental health in a big way.

Firstly it gets rid of the harmful, odor causing bacteria in your mouth and then it makes sure cleanse your teeth from the collecting plaque and so you will see an improvement in terms of whiter teeth.

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