Best fats to cook with | top 5 healthy cooking oils

We all know that when it comes to healthy eating the best choice most of the time is to go raw.But oil cooked food can be great for your health too, if you do it right.

The secret is to know what types of oil respond best to heat and which of them has better nutritional proprieties.

Saturated or unsaturated fats for cooking?

You will be amazed to find out that in this case saturated fats are more recommended thanks to their high smoke point and resistance to heat.

That means saturated fats and monosaturated fats are the ones you have to go for, you can recognize these by how they respond to low temperatures.

  • If an oil stays completely liquid when in the fridge you should never use it for cooking
  • In case it has solid consistency while at room temperature or starts to solidify and get cloudy when at low temperatures( like olive oil does) that means you can cook with it.

1.Coconut Oil – Best cooking oil in the world

Thanks to its high saturated fat content, huge list of health benefits and great taste, we have to crown coconut oil as the king of the cooking oils realm.

It may make most of you think of eventual health issues in the future, but that is NOT the case!Being almost entirely made of healthy saturated fats it makes it a really stable fat for cooking with.


Actually the studies have linked coconut oil with overall reduction in cholesterol and improvement in digestion and increased overall energy. Also thanks to it’s content  abundant in lauric acid it can help with the removal of microbes like bacteria, fungi and even viruses.

2.Ghee(clarified butter) – much better than you think

Actually, butter is a good deal when it comes to choose a  fat to cook with and contrary to popular opinion it is not so unhealthy as you think.

When it comes to  clarified butter i must admit that it probably deserve much more attention from the media because it represents an incredible source of essential fatty acids, especially if it comes from grass fed beef.

As i said before the link between saturated fat, poor health and cholesterol has been dismissed a while ago and if you make sure to use some high quality grass fed butter and not margarine you will have no health concern. But make sure you don’t overheat butter because it’s smoke point is not as high as you may think( 325°-375°).

3.Extra virgin Olive oil, best low-to-medium heat cooking oil

The smoking point of this particular fat is lower, so it is not recommended for high heat cooking so try not to exceed 200 degrees because it will oxidize and in turn not be good for your health.

Even so, if you are going to use it only for sautéing and low heat cooking this source of fat may be the healthiest choice available.As a small tip: keep it in the shadow, in a dark bottle and avoid sun contact because it can go rancid.


It is already a legendary superfood and many studies have confirmed that regular  consumption helped prevent stroke accidents by almost 50% in older people and greatly improved heart health of young and middle aged persons.

Besides circulatory improvement, extra virgin olive oil has the potential to prevent Alzheimer disease to a good degree, protect the liver and the entire gastro-intestinal tract while also keeping cholesterol levels low and reduce breast cancer risk.

4.Avocado oil – high smoke point and great health benefits

With a record-braking 510 degrees smoke point you can say that avocado oil is super safe for frying anything and the great news is that it stays healthy and nutritious all along.

This great healthy fat can decrease your unhealthy cholesterol levels, reduce the risk of strokes and diabetes when consumed in moderate quantities.You may ask why it holds the third place and not higher and that is mainly because of its only downside: it is known to cause inflammation. So you might not want to use it to frequently.

5.Almond oil – great for desserts and cooking

Another champion that tastes so great i couldn’t leave it out.It makes a great choice for desserts thanks to its  flavor and the pretty high smoke point also makes it a good candidate for cooking.

The many health benefits that come along with the consumption of almond oil are a great deal to consider while coupled with it’s omega 3 healthy fat content.Just make sure you keep it out of sunlight.

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