All About onions and their health benefits

Most of you may not see onions as their favorite food but those of you who do have a great advantage in terms of health benefits.

Even so you must admit that besides the fact that they make you cry when you cut them, onions give an amazing taste to your food.
The humble onion can be found everywhere and just like garlic, it is a member of the  lily family.
It should be obvious that onions are like the superman of raw natural foods just by the fact that they contain such a potent tear bringing and nutrient filled juice.

Ancient health treatment

People have been using onions as treatment for various diseases from acient times.It is documented that they were eaten by Roman emperor Nero as a cure for cold and it also has been used as great preventive medicine during the plague and cholera epidemics.With feats like that you can’t argue against its nutritional and health benefits anymore.

Some nutritional figures:

  • 100 g of onions contain 44 Calories and 1.4 g of fiber
  • it also contains natural sugar and minerals like potassium and iron
  • has plenty of vitamins : vit E, vit C, vit A and B6
  • they contain good amounts of folic acid and biotin

Thanks to it’s low caloric content and varied micronutrient profile you can say this is the perfect healthy snack and is best eaten in it’s natural form.

Eating onions raw is healthier

There is a reason why onions don’t make you cry anymore after you have finished cooking them. When it is raw, an onion contains a variety of organic sulfur compounds in volatile oil that gets altered and destroyed when cooking with it.

Even so, this doesn’t mean you should always eat them raw.You can also cook them in a more conservative way that is baked in their skins, just like with potatoes.

onions healthy

List of the amazing benefits of onions

Thanks to the presence of the phytonutrient allyl propyl sulfoxide (the main cause of the tearing eyes) onions, so the stronger the smell the more nutrients and health benefits:

  • Lowering the cholesterol levels in both healthy individuals and elderly.
  • Reducing blood pressure and risk of heart disease

The high concentration of quercetin and chromium help with:

  • balancing blood sugar levels and indirectly with heart problems again
  • have anti-inflammatory effects

How to get the most health benefit out of onions:

Remember how i said before that the stronger the smell the better the health benefits become?
This is thanks to the presence the enzyme alliinase and the phytonutrient alliin wich are separated in the onion.
This is where you can come and mix them together and create an even more potent formula.

The trick is to cut, slice or chop the onions and therefore create ruptures in the cells allowing them to mix.After this it’s important to let them sit for about 10 minutes for the process to complete.

chopped onions

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