Peanut butter amazing Health benefits and facts

You should be happy right now because i will give you a ton of reasons to enjoy the tasty peanut butter both as a snack and as an amazing  healthy food. As you may already know this is a really delicious snack but it packs a lot of calories from fat and that is why you always  think of it as cheating when trying to loose weight.That is not the case anymore.

Peanut butter helps you loose weight

Even considering its high caloric value peanut butter can help you greatly in your weight loss goals.That is, if you eat the right amounts. It may be counter-intuitive but this amazing food item packs both fiber and a good amount of protein that will help you feel fuller. Also, by eating a tablespoon of this you eliminate your cravings for other, more unhealthy snacks.

peanut butter weight loss

Filled with nutrients and great for bodybuilders

In only a serving you get an incredible health boosting cocktail of macro and micronutrients. It contains about 3 mg of the very powerful antioxidant, vitamin E, a lot of bone-building Magnesium and vitamin B6 for a better immunity. Bodybuilders especially should eat this food. Not only because it packs quite a few calories that will be needed to put on muscle but also for the protein that will help keep the metabolism up running and bodyfat low. Also, peanut butter contains a lot of potassium which is great both for muscle building and as an essential micronutrient that our diets lack of.

Best alternative to Nutella


As i underlined before, peanut butter is a great choice for stopping most cravings.Even when it comes to the supreme contestant, the heavenly delicious Nutella, peanut butter can replace it in no time. Even though they stand apart in terms of taste, as one is sweet and chocolaty and the other is buttery, both have a common ground. And that is the nutty, delicious taste that each one of them offers. So if you ever crave Nutella choose the much healthier version and pick up some organic peanut butter.

Healthy for the heart

Even though peanut butter has its share of saturated fat, it has even more unsaturated fats, just like olive oil that are great for your cardiovascular health. Remember that this happens only when it is consumed in moderate amounts and if the product is high quality and organic.

How to choose the healthiest peanut butter

  • Always make sure it is 100% made from peanuts
  • no sugar, salt or vegetable oils added

Many of the peanut butters out there have a lot of hydrogenated fats in them and that makes them unhealthy and not good for your weight loss anymore. Usually, a good peanut butter should have its oil separated on top and the denser part at the bottom.That is a good indication that it has a 100% peanut content.When you consume it remember to homogenize it by stirring it with a spoon.

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